ASDAN simulation business competition is based on a professional simulation business IT system, which completely simulates and restores the real environment and decision-making process of the market and company operation. It includes four major parts: operational decision-making, company roadshow, battle, auction transaction. Win more net assets to become the champion.


Shenyang Transformation International School has five teams participating this time, and has won the the Silver Award,Best Road Show Team, Business Battle Team, and FLora, CEO of Dragonfly's team, won the title of outstanding young entrepreneur. What's more surprising is that Shenyang Transformation International School has three teams that have won tickets to the 2021 All-Star Game! We are looking forward to their wonderful performance!

学校提供美国大学理事会College Board授权的AP(美国大学预科课程)SAT课程,英联邦爱德思考试局Edexcel授权的IGCSE和A-Level课程