China Weekly Arrangement in 2023
Shenyang International School

January 31 (Tuesday)

Feather shuttlecock/shadow play/rattle drum

February 1 (Wednesday)

Mug mat/painting/drawing

February 2 (Thursday)

Wool ball painting/kite/paper dragon turning flowers

February 3 (Friday)

Brown sugar glutinous rice cake/glutinous rice ball

2023 1/31

Feather shuttlecock

Learn about the traditional Chinese game of "Flying Feather" (shuttlecock). The children made a unique shuttlecock by themselves and felt the fun of traditional Chinese games. They also learned about its history and culture!

Shadow play

Shadow play: Shadow play began in the Western Han Dynasty and has a history of more than 2000 years. Behind the white curtain, artists manipulated actors and told stories set to popular local tunes, accompanied by percussion instruments and strings.


The rattle is an ancient and traditional folk musical instrument and toy, which first appeared in the Warring States Period.

2023 2/1

Mug “Fuqi”(blessing) coaster

During the Chinese New Year, the Chinese people should welcome the jubilee and receive the blessing, and buy the corresponding auspicious items, such as "blessing" calligraphy and painting and "Happy New Year" ornaments.


After learning the development and inheritance of Chinese paper making culture, and making their own paper card.


Paper dragon turning flower

"Art paper flower" before the Qing Dynasty, people called it "Fan Hua" or "Fan Tian Yin". It uses special paper with good tension and strong water absorption as the main raw material, after pasting, chiseling, mask dyeing and more than 20 other manual processes.

The children not only experienced the happiness of hand crafting them, but also were attracted by interesting historical stories.

2023 2/2

Wool ball painting

The 12 Chinese zodiac animals, also called animal signs, are the twelve animals in China that match the year of human birth with the 12 terrestrial signs, and 2023 will be the year of the Rabbit.


Explore the history of Chinese kite development, through a game to unlock the relevant poetry, children also used the color of "goldfish", "phoenix", "butterfly" and other auspicious animals to make the kites come alive!

2023 2/3

Glutinous rice cake

Ciba, a kind of food made from glutinous rice after steaming and mashing, is popular in southern China, especially in Hakka. People are used to making it during festivals or harvest, which symbolizes happiness, reunion and harvest.

Tangyuan (glutinous rice ball)

Experience the joy of the Lantern Festival in the lantern riddle "breaking through the barrier", and taste the sweetness of traditional festivals in the hand-made dumplings, accompanied by the children's laughter.

The activities of China Week ended successfully. I wish my dear parents and children will have success in everything!

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