Shenyang International School

The winter banquet is a traditional school activity that we hold every year. The members of the student Council organize a grand winter banquet to enrich after-school activities and enhance each other's friendships. The banquet also teaches the students to organize large-scale activities.


6:00 Opening Ceremonies

6:15 Dinner

7:00 Talent Show

8:00 Games

9:15 Closing Ceremonies and Awards


The programme's Award list

1. Ivy Zheng G7

2. Lemon Tree- Nina Xu G9, Monica Wang G9,

3.Savanah Xu G10, Sana Kim G12, Eugune Wang G11,

Angelina Xu G10,Lisa Li G10

Honorable Mention

- Paris Wang G7 & Sophia Feng G7

- Calvin Cole G8 & Yibo Zhao G10

Look What You Made Me- Ivy Zheng G7 

Lemon Tree- Nina Xu G9, Monica Wang G9, Savannah Xu G10, Sana Kim G12, Yibo Zhao G10, Eugene Wang G11, Angelina Xu G10

What Else Can I Do- Paris Wang G7 and Sophia Feng G7

水星记 Mercury Records- Dean Song G7

Enemy- Yibo Zhao G10 and Calvin Cole G8

引路的风筝 The Kite Leads the Way- Ms. Mandy 

Two Voices One Song- Paris Wang G7 and Sophia Feng G7

Flower- Lisa Li G10

叫岁月- Angelina & Nina

Principal's comment:

Words cannot express how wonderful the Student Council winter banquet was last night. It was well planned and well executed. The student leaders are smart, talented, and self-confident. During the talent show, the singing, dancing, and playing of musical instruments showed amazing bravery and skill.

Teacher's note:

Student Council team was amazing on Friday! All the teachers were proud of how well organized and fun the event was. Every single detail was well-thought through! So proud of our kids!!!

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