2023 MUN (Model United Nations)

Shenyang International School

What is MUN ?

Model United Nations (MUN) is an academic simulation of the United Nations. It is a civic education activity organized for young people. In the event, young students act as diplomatic representatives of different countries and participate in meetings on international issues. Delegates follow the rules of procedure, present their views through speeches, debate, consult and lobby in their respective nations’ interest.

What does the MUN do?

MUNiSQ - February 24-26, MUNiSQ 2023 is a three-day Model United Nations conference on International Relations in which students play the role of representatives of the United Nations and debate to develop sustainable solutions to current global affairs. About 150 students from seven schools, including ours, discussed topics ranging from illegal wildlife trafficking to women's rights to protecting biodiversity

Why Participate in the  MUN?

By participating in programs like Model United Nations, STIS&TASY students develop into globally-minded individuals who are able to consider topics wholly unrelated to their personal experiences. The process of drafting resolutions, presenting to their peers and debating on behalf of their causes helps students develop critical thinking skills as well as interpersonal communication.  


How did the students feel about participating?

Students expressed one of the greatest benefits of MUNiSQ is learning how to work with others, developing greater compassion and connection, and learning how to effectively collaborate with people from different cultures. For many students, MUNiSQ offers them their first opportunity to stand at a podium and speak publicly, where they must also defend their resolutions, displaying discernment and courage. 

MUNiSQ gives our students a chance to demonstrate their strengths and explore our commitment to learn, love and lead. 

Return with honor 

The MUN students have all returned safely. We're extremely proud of each of our kids. They were not only great participants of the Model United Nations, they were amazing ambassadors for our school. The other schools spoke highly of their attitudes and ability. All 8 of our students successfully contributed in resolutions that passed and made meaningful discussions.


Isaiah Erno and Ian Kim were recognized as "Best Delegate" and "Best Orator" of their respective committees. We hope this is just the beginning of more activities to come.

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