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Western Association of Schools and Colleges全称为 “西部学校与学院教育联盟”,是美国教育部授权的认证机构。它被国际高校普遍认可,覆盖全球5200多所学校。 WASC确保认证学校的品质、目标,而且使认证学校有意愿不断进步。 对于我们的学生来说,这意味着我们的成绩单和文凭被大专院校普遍接受。 Western Association of schools and colleges is authorized by the U.S. Department of education. It is a globally recognized accreditation agency that covers over 5200 schools in the world. It ensures the quality, vision, and the continual desire for improvement among participating schools. For our students, it means that our transcripts and diplomas are universally accepted by postsecondary institutions.
Collaborative curriculum
We provide AP and SAT courses authorized by College Board as well as GSCE and A-level courses authorized by Edexcel.