Teaching Faculty International Qualification Certification Curriculum Teaching Service System
IGCSE is an international general certificate of secondary education. It is one of the systems with the largest number of people aged 14 to 16 in the world. It is a two-year transitional course between junior high school and senior high school (equivalent to G9 and G10 in China). Like A-level, our school is the IGCSE examination center authorized by Edexcel. IGCSE is a preparatory course for A-Level, which can lay a good foundation for later study. If you want to apply to Oxford, Cambridge and other top universities, it is also an important reference for your application. Our school is the official accreditation test center, and students can take IGCSE tests at our school.
A-Level (General Certificate of Education Advanced Level) is a subject-based graduation standard of UK recognized by universities of over 160 countries and regions(e.g., Commonwealth of Nations, Singapore, Hongkong and so on). Students commonly need to complete 3-4 subject tests for university admission. Our school is A-level examination center authorized by Edexcel. Upon finishing middle school, students will receive individualized advising and planning for A-Level classes and exams. Due to the different education systems in China and the UK, there is no unified standard for GPA conversion. Therefore, if students want to successfully apply to Oxford, Cambridge and other top universities in the UK and graduate smoothly, A-Level is almost the best way. Our school is the official accreditation test center, and students can take A-Level tests at our school.
AP (Advanced Placement) is a program by the College Board to offer college-level classes and exams to high school students. Students may earn university credits upon obtaining high scores on the examinations. Our school integrates some AP subjects in our high school curriculum. By completing selected courses, students will be well-prepared for the corresponding AP exams and university education. Our school is the official accreditation test center, and students can take AP tests at our school.
SAT, an exam sponsored by the College Board, is universally adopted as a standard for admissions and scholarships to American universities. Starting from middle school, our counselors will advise many of our students to prepare for their SAT exams based on their educational and career objectives. With periodical assessments, the students and teachers will work together and plan strategically for an optimal exam result. We also provide academic resources both inside and outside of our classrooms for students to take the initiative of self-development. Student will be well prepared for their future studies at their ideal universities. Our school is the official accreditation test center
Collaborative curriculum
We provide AP and SAT courses authorized by College Board as well as GSCE and A-level courses authorized by Edexcel.