Shenyang International Academic Competition Center
Located in STIS and a part of Transformation Education Group, Shenyang International Academic Competition Center is the home of many worldly-renowned international competitions and examinations. Each year, we hold many official competitions, including American Mathematical Competition, Australian Mathematics Competition, and CEMS Contests
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ASDAN simulation business competition is based on a professional simulation business IT system, which completely simulates and restores the real environment and decision-making process of the market and company operation. It includes four major parts: ope
International Academic Competitions
ETS Critical Thinking Qualification
Computational and Algorithmic Thinking
Australian Science Olympiads-Biology
Physics Bowl
You Be The Chemist Challenge
CEMC Contests (Waterloo Mathematic Contest)
Math Kangaroo
Math League Contests
Caribou Contests
Australian Mathematics Competition
American Mathematics Competition
Business Simulation
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Competition training
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Collaborative curriculum
We provide AP and SAT courses authorized by College Board as well as GSCE and A-level courses authorized by Edexcel.